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Older People’s Day – 7th October 2015

We have celebrated the Older People’s Day at The Midland Hotel on the 7th of October 2015

Around 60 people attended. It was a great opportunity to make new friendships and renew old connections once again.

We are now looking at  arranging our usual Christmas Meal celebration which people have indicated this should take place in January next year. Date to be arranged later and cost will be for two courses meal and coffee £11.50.

This will be at The Midland Hotel in Bradford City Centre, always a very popular venue.

BACC’s Open Meeting on Wednesday 24th September 10am – 2pm

There are still places available at BACC’s Open Meeting on Wednesday 24th September 10am – 2pm at the Carlisle Business Centre (See a Flyer here) on Changing Attitudes to Disabled People in the Bradford District, you can listen to an audio version of the flyer here.

The meeting will look at developing Scope’s national End the Awkward Campaign locally. More information on the campaign can be found here:

Please book your place by contact BACC on 01274 481590, Text: 07807 593248 or

National Pensioners’ Parliament Report – By Tina Watkin

I was privileged once again to represent BDSP at this annual Parliament. It is something, I would really hate to miss it, as there is such camaraderie and support for all who attend. And boy do you learn a lot!

The venue speaks for its self; Blackpool’s wonderful Winter Gardens. Introductions were by Ron Douglas (NPC President). A warm welcome came from the Deputy Lord Mayor (Cllr Chris Ryan), who voiced his thanks for it being held there and was grateful of the publicity and income which this generated whilst the three day parliament took place. Also on the top table were Belinda Turffey (38 Degrees Campaign Manager), Neel Radia (National Association of Care Catering), Claire Keatinge (Older People’s Commissioner for Northern Ireland), Owen Jones (Guardian Columnist) and our very own Dot Gibson (NPC). Sam Micklan (Age UK) and Jim Donovan (Maritime Pensioners’ Organisation) from Australia were also present.

Concern was to involve everyone in supporting the Pensioners’ Charter and make it widely known that it highlights our rights. If you do not have a copy, please ask for one to be made available. Hope, Confidence and Certainty was the strap line of the Charter.

As so many councils had cut meal delivery services, it was pointed out that those brought by outside companies did not allow the time for a little help in even opening the packaging. This is not a luxury service, it is an essential one. One person was found to have not eaten a meal the following day because they couldn’t get into it.

For those who have not heard of 38 Degrees, it is a campaigning organisation, which puts out petitions on the internet to get support for vital issues which deserve support. These in turn are delivered to MP’s for the attention of Parliament. They are often downloaded and passed round to those who do not have internet access. Please do sign and help support them whenever you can. We do have a strong voice between us.

Owen Jones was adamant about the Universal benefits being saved and not scrapped, saying, ‘Universal is all put in and all get back. 1/3 of people eligible for Pension Credit are still not claiming it. We need solidarity across the generations. This young man, first time with us last year, again got a standing ovation from a magnificent oration, which would be hard to better. He used no notes of reference at all, every word came straight from the heart. He commiserated about the bedroom tax, saying some people had been forced to move from their properties, which they had occupied with their spouses for numerous years and had now been penalised to move as the spare room incurred a rent increase charge, leaving all their memories behind. Isolation, loneliness, and disorientation followed for those bordering on dementia.

On Wednesday morning I attended the Campaign against loneliness, with speakers Jack Neill-Hall and Neel Radia. It was pointed out the half of the over 75’s live alone, with transport being one of the major factors for them not getting out, causing a risk of depression. There is to be a National Community Meals Week and on 10th November 2014 there is a National Road relay.

In the afternoon there was more discussion about the saving of the bus pass, which seems to differ its criteria from area to area. Apparently it is safe for the moment, but many in the crowd pointed out that although the bus pass was still in place, many routes were being withdrawn; another factor adding to the loneliness label.

A Big Band Social Evening ended the evening perfectly, although the raffle was a farce, when several books of tickets of a similar colour were used and no one would listen when I explained the complications as people took prizes belonging to others.

Thursday morning was a packed meeting with Chair;- Dot Gibson, and speakers :- Stephen Burke (United for ALL Ages), Anthony Curley (TUC Youth Forum) and David McCullough (Royal Voluntary Services). The subject was Can we afford an aging population? Members in the room were allowed questions at the end of the debate and it gets a bit heated and they don’t like to give up the mike, but Dot is well in control in situations like this, thank goodness! Transcript of the meetings can be got from head office or on the net.

There will be a biennial NPC on March 20th 2015. Please look at the NPC website for details if you wish to attend. I think I shall be up for it again, there is so much to find out about what we have, should have and might loose. See you there. Tina

Bradford People’s City Centre Project – July 2014 update

On behalf of B.D.S.P. Committee and Trustees and in the position of Chair of this organisation it has fallen to me to do an article regarding the ending of the facilities provided at various venues. These have been at Picnic Parlour, Ginger Goose, Culture Fusion and lastly at Mechanics Library, Kirkgate. It has not been an easy decision to close the final venue at the end of June 2014.

Firstly Picnic Parlour accommodation was provided by Fabric who rented the space and offered it at a low cost. Ginger Goose was reasonably low in cost and catering and Culture Fusion was different. 

This was taken on board with the thought that this could be a working partnership and benefit for intergeneration work.

Unfortunately Culture Fusion funding for this building did not letting another organisation have their own dedicated space there. This was not pointed out until later.

A programme had been put together and at the end we were offered accommodation at a high and unacceptable rent as tenants only.

I will explain, all of these venues and in particular Culture Fusion Project were to provide evidence that there was a need of a centre to help older people combat Isolation and loneliness. At the end of each accommodation, reports were done and presented to an Advisory Group. This was set up with help and interest from Council Managers, Health and Public Health Managers etc.

After Sarah Cartin whose role was Development Manager left, it was decided to employ an Activities Manager and this was Heather Blakey’s role. Her position and contract came to an end on the 30th of June 2014.

I do appreciate that people want to see Mechanic’s Library carry on with Volunteers but unfortunately this cannot happen. To close here has been a sad and difficult decision and we all sincerely thank the effort and dedication that volunteers have shown and also members of BDSP and other Users for showing this project is needed on the larger scale.

We had money donated and this should be used for the end outcome. This has to be our own building, looking at renting with a long term agreement with facilities that are needed and people interested in doing these. Our centre must be viable and cost effective and therefore we need a professional board of advisors and an influential project worker on board to carry the project forward. On a more positive side we are now moving forward to deciding on a property to rent as soon as possible. We now have the evidence, we now have the interest and support, all we ask people to do is think positive and be encouraging.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Chair, Jean Walker MBE

The Bulletin for May 2014 in PDF format and also Microsoft Word. Click on the images to download a copy.


Hi everybody,

Future Wednesdays meetings:
We are leaving Culture Fusion at the end of this month. It has been a difficult decision and we are relying strongly on your continuous support and loyalty.
There is a strong possibility that in the future months we will be negotiating with two property developers for our own building.
As you’ll appreciate, this will be a timely process and this needs to be thought out carefully regarding capital expenditures and the good use of our funds.
Until such times, as this development happens, we are moving from the 7th of May to The Mechanics Institute Library for the Wednesdays activities only. Details will be published in T&A, Voice and our website,
Bradford Mechanics Institute Library
76 Kirkgate
Bradford, BD1 1SZ
Tel: 01274 722857

See a map here.

The new bulletin is out for april 2014.

Please find it here:

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Alzheimer’s Society has launched a new booklet to help guide people with dementia and their carers through their journey with dementia. It provides information individuals need after a diagnosis of dementia and offers advice to help people come to terms with their diagnosis and plan ahead and enable them to live well with the condition.

You can download it from here or access the guide on their website 


Charity Bags not always what they seem…

Do you receive a lot of charity bags requesting clothes and other items for ‘charity’?
According to the National Fraud Investigation Bureau charity bag fraud costs £50 million per year in the UK. Charity bags are being distributed by fraudulent collectors, and in some cases bags full of donated goods are simply stolen from the roadside by passing thieves before the official charity manages to collect them… <read more.>