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We are an organisation working for the rights of older people in Bradford District and we do it regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation.

Members of BDSP

We are networking with many local and national organisations that are willing to lend their expertise in the interest of both pensioners and those not yet of pension age.

We see ourselves an enablers, helping people to help themselves and fight for those things that are important to them, whatever they may be.

We are members of the Bradford Older People’s Alliance (BOPA), National Pensioners’ Convention (NPC), Age UK, Bradford CVS, and Bradford Alliance Community Care (BACC). We are actively campaigning for an Older People’s Centre in the middle of Bradford.

Older people have made their commitment to society and now we want to enjoy a decent standard of living and care in later life.

Join our group and make your voice heard, for a fairer Bradford and District. Share in our demand for better services and pensions for all.

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