Member of the month – January 2014

MEMBERJoseph Flerin (2)




One of our Trustee’s on BDSP, Joseph Flerin was born in Dominica and he shared with us on our programme Senior Moments on BCB radio in December 2013 his early Christmas memories. He came to England with two friends when he was 23 years of age and lived in different cities doing a variety of jobs until he settled in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Married and with a family he worked at Crofts Engineering, then English Electric, Bradford City buses, as a conductor and then as a driver but finally settled with the GPO Telecommunications and worked with them until he retired after 27 years.

Joseph was always very involved with his community. He helped set up the West Indian Parents Association and they had a Day Nursery, a Saturday supplementary school, a Senior’s Club and a Music Society, where people were able to learn music and take exams. He was the Chairman for a number of years and as well helped establish in 1979 the Dominica Association. Latterly he has been working with Senior Members within this group and they meet two days a week at the Dominica Centre. In 1999 he also joined The Federation of Voluntary Management Communities and this includes many other small organisations, all working together.

All this was voluntary work and a really memorable group was started as early as 1968 with the Felix Credit Union which is still going strong today.

Joseph is obviously a man who has never let the grass grow under his feet and walking around Bradford in his company he is greeted on all sides with happy smiles and handshakes. Because of his wealth of knowledge and his commitment to helping others we were honoured to welcome him on-board our BDSP Committee and we look forward to welcoming him and his many friends to our City Centre Project at Culture Fusion.